Be a trusted local investment expert

Become your Investor clients’ best resource for ever-changing markets with Privy’s unmatched national Investor Activity and sophisticated algorithms, all compiled in easy-to-digest metrics.

Privy Shield

Find no-brainer deals

Quickly filter your entire market in real-time from endless listings to the precise subset that will be profitable for your Investor clients. Always know where the best deals are happening, and how to find more.


Close them effortlessly

Privy maximizes your efficiency and success. From automatic deal alerts, portfolio matches, and in-app customization to Privy Preferred status, you’ll have time to focus on the good stuff— closing deals.

Providing you with Investor leads

Privy puts you in front of thousands of the best, most active Investors in your market(s). As a Privy Preferred Agent, you build your Investor network and a strong reputation as a trusted local advisor.

And when an Investor wants to come into your market for the first time, they’ll see YOU as a featured Agent and market expert.

All the data you need to make moves

Every major feature across the platform is populated with MLS data— from rentals to fix and flips— and all fused with off-market, public record, and lender data for the most holistic market analysis needed to help your clients make smart investment decisions.

Investor Activity

See more than what’s on the market. Discover all successful past and future investment opportunities.

Click on any past investment property and instantly know: value, how much was invested, construction done, time it took, After Repair Value (ARV), profit turned— and more.

Investor Activity delivers you a successful starting point for your clients. And Privy is the only place to find it.

Performance tools

  • Help clients build their portfolios and broaden your reach— our live data covers 97% of the country.
  • Filter by data source: direct-to-MLS, off-market, public record, third-party, and more.
  • Expand search criteria to different property and deal types from— buy and hold and single-family rentals to teardowns and fix and flips, Privy has you and your clients covered.

  • Quickly analyze properties and run Investor-grade comps with Comparative Search.
  • Upload a list of Investor clients or properties and let Privy’s Comparative Search instantly find you comparable properties for each Investor.
  • Easily, compare multiple properties at once in Split View or Grid View.

  • Search Investor Activity and save all your favorite searches for you and your Investors.
  • Get your matching deals delivered right to you— never miss another opportunity again!
  • Send deal alerts and market activity emails directly to your clients from within Privy— with your branding. They’ll never forget who’s sending them these deals.

Comparative Search

Your easy button

Privy filters through and proves the efficacy of a deal so you don’t have to. Our patent-pending approach to Investor CMAs allows you to compare potential deals against historical ones, giving you confidence in numbers. Send clients accurate, relevant deals and make analyzing properties easier for everyone.

You’ll pick it up in no time.

Privy is made to be accessible for all. Our on-demand learning center guides you as you go with tons of tips, tricks, videos, and more. Plus we offer demos, live training, and virtual events to see our software in action.

Inspire Investor loyalty today.

Privy is ready to make you indispensable to your clients.

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