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    Finding Deals
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    Are the comparables coming from the MLS?

    Privy comparables come directly from the MLS and are updated multiple times an hour. We pull sold, active, under contract, and pending comps. We also pull data and build “investor comps” to help you effectively apply a successful investment strategy market by market, block by block. It’s all there and added to our Comparative Search (Live CMA™) technology for fast, accurate, in-depth, and highly localized analysis.

    How does Privy find better deals?

    Privy uses sophisticated algorithms to source deals directly from the MLS and other exclusionary data sources. The deals displayed are customized for each user. The user’s input is added to the algorithm before any deal is qualified. Privy's software is able to better forecast opportunity the more you use it.

    What is Comparative Search?

    Privy's Comparative Search or Live CMA™, is the process of determining the value of a property by analyzing the properties that have sold recently within an area within matching data sets.

    What types of deals can I find using Privy?

    Privy specializes in residential real estate investing and the software’s algorithm can find residential properties throughout the United States offering unique segmentation to analyze investments as flips, rehabs, buy and hold, pop-tops, accessory dwelling units (ADUs), long-term rentals, and tear downs.