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As a Privy Affiliate Partner, you can earn income and help us revolution revolutionize real estate investing. If you have a real estate investing website, write about real estate investing, are a member of a real estate association, or host a webinar and post videos on YouTube about real estate investing, our Privy Partner program could be for you. Refer people you know (or people who follow you), and get paid. Share and promote Privy’s software with your students, followers, and sphere of influence.

It’s simple! When someone uses your Privy Partner link to sign up for an account, you’ll earn commissions and we do the rest. Our Customer Success and Support team will help ensure your referred customers are successful on Privy longer-term. If you have your educational program, our team will work together with yours. Either way, we’re here to ensure your real estate Investors are set up to be successful.

Privy is a software platform unique in real estate, specifically real estate investing. Maximizing efficiency, Privy saves Investors and Agents a tremendous amount of time. Privy quickly filters markets in real time from thousands of listings to a precise Investor buy box. Combining the power of MLS data, rental data, public records, lending data, and much more, Privy’s Comparative Search allows them to comp properties in seconds, not hours.

The Privy Affiliate Partner Program includes entrepreneurs, educators, content creators, and association members who inspire and teach their audience about real estate investing with Privy. The program is free to join and allows you to monetize your audience and earn commissions from each new Privy sale referral you are responsible for.

To be considered for the Privy Affiliate Partner Program, you must:

  • Have an established audience
  • Create original content, such as online courses, podcasts, or videos
  • Have experience with Privy or real estate investing
  • Have read, agreed, and signed Privy’s Partner Program Agreement

Upon acceptance into the Privy Affiliate Partner Program, you will receive access to our third-party affiliate software dashboard, where you can manage your affiliate referral links. When sharing Privy with your audience, always include your affiliate referral links. Our tracking cookie window is 60 days.

The Privy Affiliate Partner Program pays you electronically. Affiliates are paid on a monthly basis. Please note that regardless of your region/country, all commission payments are made in USD.

Upon acceptance into the Privy Affiliate Partner Program, you will receive the brand guidelines with you to ensure you are correctly using our brand assets. By using our brand assets, you indicate your acceptance of our trademark and understand that violating these guidelines will terminate your partnership.

Make passive income with Privy starting now.