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You already know that Privy real estate investing software can help you close more deals in less time. Even though thousands of Agents and Investors are closing tens of millions of dollars in real estate deals on the platform right now, we know we might not be a fit for everybody.

So, before investing in a new tool for your business, it’s best to ask yourself, is Privy right for you? An easier way to determine if you should invest in Privy might be to ask, who isn’t Privy for?

Who Isn’t a Fit for Privy?

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1. You Don’t Plan to Close Any Deals This Year

If this is a year to relax, ‘quiet quit,’ and focus on other things, Privy won’t be of much help to you. It’s all about helping Investors and Agents find better deals in less time and analyzing and present those deals to all members of the team with a few clicks of a button. If you don’t plan to help you Investor clients acquire or get rid of any properties, there’s not much use in using our software.

2. You Don’t Place a High Value on Your Time

You can get some of the data we present to you in other places such as the MLS, county records, etc… and you can analyze your own deals and present them using the same sources, and a little Excel and Photoshop magic. Sure, we think you can do all that in 1/1000th of the time it takes our software but if you’ve got nothing better to do all day than click around the  MLS, run data analysis, and deal with back and forth with your team, then you probably don’t need our software.

3. You LOVE Data Models and Spreadsheets

Privy’s algorithm enables us to run instant CMAs to give you a clear understanding of what a deal is worth. We even show you Investor Activity with Before & After pictures, and use custom, hand drawn boundaries to make sure you get only the most relevant comps for what you are looking for.

If you like to build data analysis spreadsheets, analyze new neighborhoods based purely on the raw data, and run numbers over and over again, you might not get your Excel fix when using Privy. We make all that easy.

4. You Can’t Get Enough of the MLS System

We’re going to be honest, you’re going to spend a lot less time using the MLS if you’re using Privy. We take all of that data in real time and deliver the properties that matter to you and your Investor clients in an easy-to-understand, dashboard. It’s awesome.

But, if you love clicking around the MLS and spending hours on the site trying to run comps for clients, find deals for each one, and then load pictures and property info, you might be disappointed. We don’t mean to be redundant, but Privy has automated all of that, so all you have to do is log in, and search your precise subset or “LiveCMA.”

Is Privy a Fit for You and Your Team?

If you value your time and like to maximize efficiency, Privy will instantly give you access to comps, portfolio matches, and deals your Investor clients want to see. So skip the complicated spreadsheets and hours of searching the MLS so you can focus on the good stuff— closing deals.