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Our proprietary technology combines data coverage from 97% of the country and a unique comping algorithm that finds the best deals happening right now.

Deal modeling minimizes risk

Search Investor Activity and filter by desired spread or % ARV (After Repair Value). Find successful deals you wish you would’ve been a part of. Then let Privy identify comparable investment properties to help you minimize risk and maximize profits.

Privy Shield

Detailed market
data at your

Search confidently with direct-to-MLS, off-market, public record, rental, and third-party data consolidated into Privy’s proprietary algorithm. Analyze investment activity across the country to see what worked. Specifics include scope of work, budgets, prices, timelines, partnerships, and side-by-side Before & After photos.

You’ll be investing
in no time.

Privy is made to be accessible for all. Our on-demand learning center guides you as you go with tons of tips, tricks, videos, and more. Plus we offer demos, live training, and virtual events to see our software in action.

Diversified property
and deal types

Search and analyze specific investment types or diversify your portfolio with confidence. Privy’s Comparative Search empowers you to become an expert in any deal type.

  • Fix and Flips
  • Long-term rentals
  • Short-term rentals
  • Below market
  • Pop-tops
  • Teardowns

Investor Activity

See more than what’s on the market. Discover all successful past and future investment opportunities.

Click on any past investment listing and instantly know: property value, how much was invested, construction done, time it took, After Repair Value (ARV), profit turned— and more.

Investor Activity delivers you a successful starting point for achieving the best ROI. And Privy is the only place to find it.

Narrow in on investments you want

  • Begin your search in any market— with 97% national data coverage, Privy is designed to optimize your strategy.
  • Seek specific investment types like buy and hold, single-family rentals, or teardowns.
  • Sort your results by % ARV to find the most substantially discounted rates.
  • Select Privy Preferred properties with additional supporting data to prove the efficacy of their deal-worthiness.
Sort your results by % ARV to find deals on Privy

Comparative Search

Others’ success is your success

When you find a deal that you like, our unique patent-pending comping technology shows you similar deals, active and ready to be closed. Privy’s Comparative Search instantly delivers all nearby comparable properties ready to turn a profit.

Never miss a new opportunity

Good real estate investment deals disappear quickly.

Privy informs you the moment new listings come onto the market that match your buy box. That speed and Privy’s precision, let you close with confidence.

Build confidence and wealth. Starting now.

We are passionate about creating clear paths to real estate investment success. No gimmicks. So we built the software that simply brings you the deals.