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Unlock the power of seamless client management with Privy’s latest feature update— Privy Preferred Client Roster. Our enhanced client management system offers agents a streamlined approach to expanding your network of investor clients while efficiently tracking and managing client activity, all within one user-friendly platform.

Privy Preferred Client Roster

Maximizing Your Client Roster

Impress Investor Clients: Effortlessly upload your client list and customize searches tailored to each individual client, automatically delivering real-time deals with your agent branding. Sending them a Privy’s Competitive Market Analysis ( Live CMA™) for deals on your saved search not only aids in swiftly identifying potential purchases but also allows you instantly share detailed, attractive reports, enhancing trust and decision-making. 

Real-Time Engagement

Instant Notifications: When an investor designates you as their Privy Preferred Agent, you’ll receive immediate notifications. This enables you to promptly reach out, simplifying the process of converting investor leads into investor clients.

Effortless Communication

Streamlined Communication: Gain visibility into essential contact details for both new and existing investors on your Agent Roster. This feature facilitates seamless initiation of conversations, enhancing your client interactions.

Privy is thrilled to introduce this update, underscoring our unwavering commitment to nurturing meaningful investor-agent connections. Privy Preferred Client Roster empowers you to seize the best investment opportunities for your clients and lead opportunities for yourself by directly connecting you with engaged, active investors.