Privy puts you
top of mind

Solidify client relationships as a Private Money Lender. Provide your existing clients with Privy, a tool to efficiently comp and close profitable deals.

Client finding property deals on Privy on Laptop

Privy is for Retail Mortgage Lenders too

As a Retail Lender, 42% of your homeowner clients are “equity-rich” with a purchasing power of $200K or more they can utilize to buy their first or second investment property. Privy enables you to be an advisor on their journey.

Raymond is an Retail Lender who shares Privy with his clients so they can find more deals.

Building Investor trust

Buying an investment property can be more daunting than buying a primary residence. Privy removes the complexity and there’s no one more trusted to provide this tool to homeowners than YOU.

Privy puts Private Money Lender in a place to close deals

Provide profitable deals to your clients

Be the one your clients thank when they close their latest investment opportunity. Supplying them with Privy unlocks their ability to access and win more lucrative deals. Whether you are an individual loan officer or a brokerage, you are instantly positioned as their first choice to provide financing.

Changing the game

Investor Activity and Comparative Search

Experts in the Privy app say this is the piece of data that completes the picture. Investors instantly track successful deals in hot markets as they happen across the country. Then Comparative Search delivers similar deals designed to turn a similar profit and maximize the value of their investment portfolio.

Drive more transactions from your current and future Investors.

Privy finds your clients better deals. Let them thank you by working with you in the future.