Privy, a customized real estate investing platform, enables lenders to automate borrower acquisition and retention.

Traditional marketing efforts won’t cut it anymore. Privy provides your salespeople the conversations they need to obtain new business. Stop wasting time and money on tedious outreach efforts, and let Privy make it easy for borrowers to remember you.

Raymond is an Retail Lender who shares Privy with his clients so they can find more deals.
Privy puts Private Lenders in a place to close deals

Be the one your borrowers thank when they close on their next property. Supplying them with Privy unlocks their ability to access and win more lucrative deals. You are there from when they are browsing to when they are ready to transact. You are instantly and primarily positioned to provide financing.

Privy's app is used to find investor deals and close them.

How Privy helps your borrowers

Give them what they are searching for—deals

With Privy, real estate investors can gain a competitive edge— the power of first-party MLS data and patent-pending technology. Borrowers search for, find, and comp their next investment deal, helping them grow profit and maximize the value of their portfolio.

Maximize transaction value and volume.

Find out how Privy can help you foster lender-borrower loyalty today.