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No more complicated spreadsheets, homegrown formulas, or expensive courses. Privy has it all figured out for you. All you have to do is log in.

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The Data

  • Direct-to-MLS data
  • Third-party listings
  • Public records
  • Rental data
  • Loan information

  • Fix and flips
  • Long-term rentals
  • Short-term rentals
  • Pop-tops and ADUs
  • Buy and hold
  • Below market
  • Wholesale
  • … or search ’em all to find the best deal!

  • Location
    ZIP, city, state, include surrounding area, or nationwide search
  • Property type
    Single-family, attached, condo, duplex, multi-family, rental, etc.
  • Status
    Active, pending, under contract, or sold
  • Off-market info
    Absentee owner, bank owned (REO), cash buyer, auction, corporate owned, inter-family owned, pre-foreclosures, foreclosures, owned 20+ years, vacant, tired landlord, zombie properties, and more
  • And much more, including:
    Property valuation, purchase price, property characteristics, tax information, sale and loan information, renovation details, average days on market

  • First-party records
  • Dynamic data model
  • Automatic updates every 15 minutes or less

The Deals

Our Privy Preferred badge identifies properties that have superior comp data. These investor comps have historical information proving to be profitable fix and flips and include Before & After photos and original versus flip valuations.

Filter investment activity by a certain spread or % ARV to find deals that turn the greatest profits. Find more that match it and match its success.

Privy tracks every property in the country so you don’t have to. Let the platform filter entire markets down to precise criteria that work for you. Save certain searches that yield you great results and set up automatic deal notifications.

Comparative Search, or Live CMA™, is one feature that really sets Privy apart. For every successful deal that you find within Investor Activity, we’ll find you comparable deals that match it. You can even filter and adjust the settings to customize every Live CMA™ for specific to that deal.

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Privy is made to be accessible for all. Our on-demand learning center guides you as you go with tons of tips, tricks, videos, and more. Plus we offer demos, live training, and virtual events to see our software in action.

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