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How Real Estate Agents Build Loyalty with Investor Clients

Are you an investor-focused real estate Agent or are you interested in broadening your skill set and searching for ways to scale? There are proven…

Are you an investor-focused real estate Agent or are you interested in broadening your skill set and searching for ways to scale? There are proven systems for Realtors and agents that make doing transactions with investors more successful and less time consuming. You can stand out as a real estate agent with these 6 indispensable strategies to enhance your success in the investor market. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Identify Your Ideal Client or Investor type

This is important when marketing and selling. If you know your audience better, you can work with them better. Research demographics, analyze competitors, and create audience personas to better reach the type of investors you want to work with.

2. Always Address Investor Pain Points

Identify your potential Investor clients’ challenges and tailor your marketing and overall strategy to solve their problems effectively. The personal touch is important, especially with busy Investor clients, who view this as more transactional than personal.

3. Research Your Market with Privy

Utilize Privy’s powerful features like investor activity, auto deal finder, comparables, market analysis, long-term rental valuations, and real-time alerts to become a local expert in minutes providing your client with confidence whether you are two miles away or 200. Also complete your Agent profile to become a preferred agent, receiving in-app investor leads.

4. Join LinkedIn Groups

Get involved in LinkedIn Groups to connect with professionals, share your real estate knowledge, and build valuable relationships. You can get hyper-local or join national organizations like the Urban Land Institute, National Association of REALTORS®, or NATIONAL REAL ESTATE INVESTORS ASSOCIATION.

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5. List Yourself on Google Business Profile

Boost your local SEO by creating a Google My Business for Local Business Profile, making it easier for potential investor clients to find you on Google and Google Maps.

6. Stay Active on One Social Media Type

Your website is your main window to the world and should not get outdated. Encourage sharing by adding social media share buttons to your website, allowing property listings to be easily shared across platforms and link them to your Privy account for added connectivity with your Investor clients.


Master these marketing and sales techniques when working with investor clients and watch your real estate business thrive! For more details, insights, and success-driven tips, check Privy’s website. Learn how you can better serve clients with more leads. Stop combing the internet for hours and agonizing over spreadsheets, let Privy find deals for you and your clients in no time.