Privy tracks every market, refining thousands of listings into your preferred Investor buy box.

See historically successful investments of every deal type in seconds.

Our comping algorithm pinpoints profitable opportunities so you can evaluate new deals in seconds.

Precise analysis gives you confidence in the numbers to minimize risk and maximize profit on every investment.

Actionable insights that turn possibilities into profit.


Search and analyze specific investment and property types or diversify to find the best deals and grow your portfolio.

  • Fix and flips
  • Long-term rentals
  • Short-term rentals
  • Below market
  • Teardowns

Comprehensive data in one platform


land coverage of MLS data


fix and flips to compare to


long-term rental estimates 

Access to first-party MLS data that’s usually reserved for local agents

Track details on deals and markets nationwide and in real time

Find properties including foreclosures, cash buyers, vacant, and more

Easily calculate ROI, cap rate, cash-on-cash, and more with an integrated editable proforma

Information like Before & After photos, construction specifications, lending data, After Repair Value, and more

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set you apart

Quickly filter entire markets in real time from thousands of listings to the precise subset of exactly what works for you.

Track successful deals done by the best investors in every major market and instantly identify where to invest and where not to.

Our Comparative Search technology compares potential deals to historical ones, giving precise analysis and confidence in the numbers. Evaluate and share these comps in Privy’s Live CMA™.

Privy finds, analyzes, and comps single-family rentals designed to maximize your profits and scale your portfolio.

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