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In the ever-evolving world of real estate, staying ahead of the game is crucial for both Investors and Agents alike. And now, thanks to Privy, a leading real estate investing platform, expanding market coverage in Mississippi, insider knowledge has become even more accessible with the recent addition of MLS United, an MLS platform that covers over 76% of the REALTORS® in Mississippi and reaches statewide, stretching from the top to the bottom of Mississippi.

Owned by three associations that span the entirety of the state, Northwest Mississippi REALTORS®Central Mississippi REALTORS®, and Gulf Coast Association of REALTORS®, MLS United offers comprehensive and inclusive market data throughout the state of Mississippi. And now with Privy, anyone looking to make their mark in this evolving region. In this article, we will delve into the details of this exciting new collaboration and explore the benefits it presents to both Investors and Agents in Mississippi.

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Privy is the only real estate platform that gives Investors access to first-party MLS data usually reserved for Agents. This means everyone on Privy gets the most accurate, transparent property data right from the source. One of the key aspects that makes the addition of MLS United to Privy so significant is the wide reach it offers to real estate professionals looking to grow their operations in Mississippi. Covering every major area in the state, when you combine Privy’s off-market data, public records, and rental market information you get the most complete picture of available investment opportunities on and off-market.

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For Investors, this increased accessibility means a world of opportunity. Whether looking to diversify their portfolio or explore new markets, having access to direct MLS data from MLS United will be a game-changer in a thriving and evolving real estate market like New Albany or Saltillo, Mississippi. Over the past year, experts have deemed Mississippi a real estate investment haven, but it is important to leverage the data inside of Privy’s software to learn about these unique markets before pulling the trigger.

Jackson, Hattiesburg, Gulfport, and New Albany all have a median home value of $143,700 and have experienced an increase in home value of between 10.4% and 15.2%. Easily analyze different areas of Mississippi, compare property prices, and appreciation rates, and evaluate the potential for rental yield or flipping a property. This level of data-driven decision-making can save Investors valuable time and resources, allowing them to make more informed choices about their real estate investments.

Privy is excited to be in Mississippi and grateful to our MLS partners there. If you’re an Investor looking to break into the Mississippi market or scale your investment portfolio, you should consider consulting with a local real estate Agent. Local Mississippi market experts are easily accessible in the Privy app. They already know what it means to work with experienced Investors— and how to find deals for them. Check their experience working with Investors and connect with these Agents right on the spot.

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The expansion of Privy’s market coverage in Mississippi through MLS United is a significant development that offers numerous advantages for both Investors and Agents in the software. The wide reach, comprehensive data, and advanced features within Privy empower users to make more informed real estate investing decisions, reach new clients, and thrive in the ever-evolving real estate industry. As Mississippi’s real estate market continues to evolve, MLS United provides a resource for finding lucrative deals and local Agent experts who understand this unique housing market.