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Privy offers a robust platform designed to streamline the investment process for real estate investors of all levels. With an array of features aimed at providing real-time data, market insights, and automation, Privy positions itself as an essential tool for anyone looking to maximize their investment returns. Below, we outline Privy’s top value propositions for investors and the features that support these benefits.

Validate Investment Deals

Privy’s real-time investor activity data also aids in validating investment deals. By providing instant access to investor comps and market analysis, Privy helps investors build confidence in their deals. This fast and accurate data enables investors to make well-informed decisions quickly, ensuring that they are investing wisely. This feature is indispensable for all real estate investors, as it provides a reliable source for instant deal validation, reducing the guesswork and enhancing the likelihood of successful investments.

Automated Deal Finding

Privy’s Auto Deal Finder leverages first-party MLS data to automate the process of finding the best on-market investment deals. The platform’s advanced filtering tools allow investors to set specific criteria, such as return on investment and geographic area, to identify suitable properties quickly. This automation saves investors significant time and effort, allowing them to focus on high-potential deals. The feature is especially beneficial for investors who need to sift through numerous listings to find the right opportunities, making it a crucial tool for all types of investors.

Comparative Search for Similar Deals

Privy offers a powerful comparative search feature that allows investors to find similar deals based on specific criteria. By using this tool, investors can draw an outline around an area and input investment return criteria and investment types, such as fix-and-flip or long-term rental. This helps in identifying profitable investments quickly and efficiently. Investors can also find active deals similar to a property they have already worked on, which is particularly useful for replicating successful strategies. This feature supports all real estate investors and stands out due to its comparative analysis capabilities, making it easier to isolate and target specific neighborhoods.

Real-Time Market Research & Analysis

Privy provides real-time market research and analysis through investor activity tracking. It offers real-time data on investor activities, comparable sales (comps), and market analysis, enabling investors to perform local market research and identify successful investment opportunities.

These features help investors quickly determine hot markets and concentrated investment areas, giving them an edge in making informed decisions. This capability is valuable for all types of real estate investors, including fix-and-flippers, wholesalers, and those using the BRRRR (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat) strategy. These two value propositions are the main highlights of our demos and Sales team presentations, with all other features being secondary.

Instant Investment Analysis aka Instant Comping

The LiveCMA feature in Privy provides instant investment analysis through algorithm-based comp analysis and a comprehensive comps table. Comping can be challenging, even for seasoned investors, but Privy simplifies this process, offering quick and reliable comping. Investors can analyze deals confidently and make informed decisions rapidly, without spending hours on manual comparisons. This feature is valuable for all real estate investors, as it streamlines the comping process and enhances the speed and accuracy of investment decisions.

One-Stop Shop for Data Aggregation

Privy’s integration of first-party MLS data with off-market data creates a one-stop shop for comprehensive property data. This aggregation allows investors to access the most up-to-date information from a single platform, saving time and providing a competitive edge. Whether comping properties or conducting market research, investors can rely on Privy for all their data needs, making it an essential tool for wholesalers, flippers, landlords, and other real estate investors.

Exclusive Access to Nationwide First-Party MLS Data

Privy is unique in providing live first-party MLS data nationwide, a feature that distinguishes it from competitors like Propstream, Redfin, and Zillow. This access to comprehensive MLS data allows investors to find more investment opportunities by including on-market properties in their strategies. It also empowers investors to operate in any market, even those where their agents might not be active, providing them with a broader range of potential deals. By educating investors on the importance of using both on-market and off-market data, Privy ensures that they have a well-rounded approach to deal-making.

Off-Market Deal Finding and Lead Generation

The platform also excels in finding off-market deals through its LiveCMA feature. Off-market deals are often preferred by investors who believe these properties offer better opportunities. Privy helps investors locate motivated sellers who might be open to selling their homes off-market, thus expanding the range of potential deals. This feature is crucial for wholesalers, flippers, and landlords looking for unique investment opportunities that are not listed on traditional platforms.

Expanding into New Markets

Privy’s national investor activity and market analysis tools enable investors to penetrate new markets effectively. By identifying hot markets and replicating proven strategies, investors can expand their portfolios beyond their local areas. Privy provides comprehensive MLS data access, allowing investors to scan multiple markets without regional limitations. This capability is particularly beneficial for those looking to diversify their investments and tap into high-potential markets they have not previously explored.

Breaking into New Investment Specialties

Privy supports investors looking to diversify their investment strategies and break into new specialties. Whether interested in fix-and-flip, long-term rentals, or other investment types, Privy provides customized strategies and resources to help investors understand and succeed in new niches. This feature is designed for more advanced investors seeking to expand their expertise and explore new opportunities within the real estate market.

Connecting with Agents

Building a network of top-tier real estate professionals is critical for successful investing. Privy’s Agent Roster feature makes it easy for investors to find and connect with the best agents in each market. This functionality includes instant notifications and customized messaging, allowing investors to build their teams efficiently. Connecting with agents who have local knowledge and access to exclusive listings can provide investors with a competitive advantage, making this feature valuable for fix-and-flippers, wholesalers, and BRRRR investors.

Speed to Deal with Instant Notifications

Privy’s deal alerts feature ensures that investors are the first to see new potential deals. By setting up search alerts and saved search parameters, investors receive instant notifications when properties matching their criteria become available. This speed-to-lead capability is crucial for securing the best deals quickly, especially in competitive markets. The feature is particularly beneficial for wholesalers and advanced investors who need to act fast to capitalize on opportunities.

Bulk Property Analysis

The List Upload feature allows investors to upload a CSV file and instantly analyze hundreds of properties. Privy compiles comprehensive data, including listing status and public record data, providing a detailed analysis in seconds. This feature is invaluable for investors who need to evaluate large volumes of properties efficiently, making it easier to identify high-potential deals quickly.

Educating Before Engaging Agents

Privy empowers investors to conduct thorough market research and educate themselves before engaging with agents. The platform’s LiveCMA and email function enable investors to email properties they are interested in directly to their agents, facilitating quick and informed decision-making. By allowing investors to become educated independently, Privy helps them approach agents with well-researched investment opportunities, enhancing their chances of success.

Long-Term Rental Analysis

For investors focused on building income-producing long-term rental portfolios, Privy offers nationwide rental data and an LTR calculator. This feature helps investors understand rental prices, calculate cash flow, and determine ROI, providing a clear picture of the potential profitability of rental properties. It is particularly useful for landlords and more advanced investors who need accurate rental data to make informed investment decisions.

Fix and Flip Inspiration and Validation

Privy’s LiveCMA feature includes before-and-after photos of fix-and-flip projects, providing valuable insights into successful renovation strategies. Investors can see exactly what previous investors did to properties, helping them replicate successful strategies and build confidence in their own projects. This feature is crucial for fix-and-flippers looking to understand renovation costs and outcomes, ensuring they make well-informed offers on potential deals.

Sharing Comps for Team Collaboration

Privy facilitates collaboration by allowing investors to share comps and investment analyses with lenders, partners, and other stakeholders. The LiveCMA feature ensures everyone is working from the same data, enhancing transparency and efficiency. This capability is vital for team collaboration, ensuring that all parties are aligned and informed throughout the investment process.

Portfolio Monitoring

Finally, Privy enables investors to monitor their current investment portfolios effectively. The LiveCMA feature tracks investment performance and market activity near their properties, providing updates on active, pending, sold, and rental comparables. This ongoing monitoring helps investors stay informed about market trends and the performance of their investments, ensuring they can make timely adjustments as needed.


Privy’s comprehensive suite of tools offers real estate investors the ability to research, analyze, and make informed decisions quickly and effectively. By integrating real-time data, automated deal finding, and advanced comparative analysis, Privy ensures that investors can stay ahead in a competitive market. Whether you’re a novice or an advanced investor, Privy has the tools to help you succeed in real estate investment.