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With the release of the Below Market filter, Privy customers can now save hours finding and analyzing better investment properties. This improved automation improves search performance and user experience based on the customer investment strategy and desired outcome.

See the Below Market Filtering in action

Privy’s existing Buy N’ Hold button will be updated to Below Market, giving customers more focused insights into what they are looking for. The functionality of the filters will not change, and you can use this button to find heavily discounted opportunities. 

For those specifically interested in buy and hold investment properties, the Long-Term Rental button is your go-to tool. It allows you to filter through over 150 million active rental properties and utilize Privy’s rental pro forma calculator, making it a powerful resource for building an income-producing long-term rental portfolio and making informed rental investment decisions.

These strategic improvements to Privy’s UX and search will provide detailed insights into different investment types, aiding strategic decision-making for investors and agents alike.

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With Privy’s comprehensive suite of tools designed to enhance customers’ real estate investment strategies, key features include our new Below Market filtering, real-time market research and analysis, and comparative search capabilities to identify similar investment opportunities. These tools provide investors with crucial insights, instantly validate deals, and streamline the process of finding and analyzing profitable properties, catering to novice and advanced investors.