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Privy has supercharged its commitment to better real estate investment insights with the introduction of national long-term rental data. Privy combines its exclusive access to direct-to-MLS feeds with over 148 million residential long-term, single-family rental listings to provide quality investment analysis in a single platform.

Privy Long-Term Rental Dashboard in Laptop

The platform now provides an accessible and holistic approach to residential real estate investing with nationwide rental valuations. You can easily decipher whether a buy-and-hold strategy will provide the long-term appreciation needed or if the particular market or deal is better suited for something less traditional. Generating rental comp data, rent estimates, cap rate, and more, Privy provides every customer with the ability to instantly access the information they want and easily unlock profit potential.

No More Spreadsheets

With an in-app proforma that reacts as you edit, Investors can see real-time impacts on ROI. Project property returns in seconds with this institutional-level tool. Plus customize and save your rental estimates for each deal you are interested in

Long-Term Rentals on Privy

Leverage the power of rental analytics to find lucrative single-family investment properties to buy and hold. Quickly calculate cap rate, cash-on-cash return, net cash flow, and more with Privy’s integrated proforma. This institutional-level tool lets you understand risk without ever dealing with spreadsheets or messy formulas.