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Real Estate investment lending runs on communications. As an experienced real estate investment (REI) lender, you know that it’s important to keep in touch with investors to remain top of mind when they require a loan.

One of the challenges around being an active lender is the dark list problem. There are only so many hours in a day. Lenders usually spend their time contacting the top 20% of their borrower list as those are the ones that produce 80% of their business. The other 80% of your list doesn’t get much if any attention. This leaves the onus on 80% of your past borrowers to get in touch with you when in need of a loan. This creates a dark list scenario.

How to Brighten Up Your Dark Investor List

In many ways, an unpredictable investor list is bad for your business. It also doesn’t allow you to generate the business insights you need to keep up and compete. It’s like someone ringing your doorbell without announcing that they’re going to stop by. It might be a pleasant surprise, but you would have benefited from a heads-up!

If you’re a lender with a set of dark list investors, you don’t know if they’re working hard on finding deals or just sunning themselves in the Caribbean! Or, maybe they are getting money from other sources….?

For lenders that want to work efficiently, data is everything. When you have up-front information about investor activity, you can track what your borrowers are likely to want and when they are likely to want it. You can adjust your business outreach strategy accordingly.

When you don’t have that luxury, you miss out on important branding, relationship opportunities, and loans.

This is exactly where investor database software comes into play to help you identify your key investor metrics, find meaningful stories in your sea of data, and grow your business.

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Essential Investor Metrics for Private Lenders

Think about the kinds of relationships that you could have with investor borrowers if you could see visually:

  • What properties they’re looking at
  • How they evaluate neighborhoods
  • How they are responding to your marketing and outreach

That’s one particular thing that the Privy platform offers savvy lenders. Using our high-value real estate data platform, you can keep track of which of your borrowers are actively pursuing investments and are most likely to need a loan in the near future.

With this kind of functionality in place, it’s almost like you have a crystal ball for impending deals. You can make follow-up calls and often get borrowers who are thinking on the same wavelength – because you are ready to know the general direction they are moving in!

All of this is immensely important in deal-making. It’s easy to heat up your borrowers and pursue more specialized real estate transactions by tracking investor activity with our dashboard.

But that’s not everything that Privy offers private lenders as professional networkers.

How to Use Investor Database Software Starting Now

Inside Privy’s business intelligence dashboards, there are also done-for-you marketing and co-branding opportunities, where you can reach out directly through the platform with messaging that shows your particular brand and promotes your office as an active partner and thought leader in the industry. When you can combine insight into investor activity with branded, effective outreach:

  • Your “time-to-deal” goes down
  • Your efficiency soars
  • You go beyond the low-hanging fruit to make deals that work on the data you saw for yourself

Many of the most successful lenders who make the most profits know that closer relationships with investor borrowers pays off over time.

Having investor data in hand and acting on it brings incredible return on investment. Otherwise, you’re flying in the dark— when you get those calls out of the blue, it can take a tremendous amount of research to catch up. By that time, you may have missed a lucrative opportunity.

Your Next Steps

Without the sort of transparency that Privy delivers, it’s easy to fall into that trap of compiling dark list borrowers, never knowing what most of your borrowers are doing, and just spinning your wheels, waiting to hear from these silent partners.

Instead, with proactive deal-making, you build loyal relationships and enjoy a better reputation in your Investor client base.