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Instant matches for every investor profile.

Privy is the new way to do real estate investing. Track the deals that already turned a profit. See comparable deals set up to do the same. Close them. Rinse and repeat.

Invest anywhere, from anywhere

Our data covers 97% of the country and combines more sources than any other platform to find the best deals happening right now. All from the comfort of your own home (or a 38,000 feet in the air).

Mimic deals to minimize risk

Search Investor Activity and filter by desired spread or % ARV (After Repair Value). Find done deals you wish you would’ve. Then see comparable listings to find deals that you will.

Find No Brainer Deals With Privy

Connect with Pro Agents ASAP

Privy shows you expert Agents wherever you’re searching. Check their investment track record and connect right on the spot. Save your favorite, trusted partners for easy deal-closing in any market.

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Detailed market data at your fingertips

Direct-to-MLS, off-market, county records, rental, and third-party data all consolidated. Also search investment activity across the nation to see what worked. Most listings include specifics like photos, timelines, prices, partnerships, and side-by-side before and after photos.

Pick a niche or explore them all

Search specific investment types or cover the
gamut to find the best deals.

  • Flips and rehabs
  • Fixer uppers
  • Long-term rentals
  • Short-term rentals
  • ADUs
  • Pop-tops
  • Buy and holds
  • Vacation rentals
  • Single-family properties

Investor Activity

See more than what’s on the market.
Discover everything that came and went.

Click on any past investment listing and instantly know: property value, how much was invested construction done, time it took, After Repair Value, profit turned— and more.

No studying, secrets, or strategies. With Investor Activity, it’s all right in front of you. And Privy is the only place to find it.

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Narrow in on investments you want

  • Start with any market you’re looking for— we cover 97% of the country
  • Look for specific investment types like buy and holds, single-family rentals, tear downs, etc.
  • Sort your results by % ARV to find the deepest deals
  • Privy Preferred properties have better-supporting data to prove real deal-worthiness
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Live CMA™

Comparative Market Analysis

When you find a deal that you like, our patent pending Live CMA™ technology shows you similar deals, active and ready to be closed. Your Live CMA™ updates every 15 minutes, so you can send clients accurate, relevant comps and make analyzing properties easier for everyone.

Time-saving solutions

  • Instant matches
  • Expert agents

Deals you like, delivered to you

  • Save certain searches in Investor Activity
  • Whenever a new deal occurs that fits your parameters, you’ll get notified
  • Save as many searches as you want
  • Sit back and watch the customized deals come in

Meet money-making partners

  • Connect with elite Agents in any MLS market who understand the nuances of investments in their area
  • Highly recommended pros will work with you throughout the entire process
  • No chasing people down— get in touch ASAP to close deals fast
  • Save your preferred Agent in any market and find more comparable deals on Privy

You’ll pick it up in
no time. We built it that way.

Privy is made to be accessible for all. Our on-demand learning center guides you as you go with tons of tips, tricks, videos, and more. Plus we offer 1:1 demos, live training, and virtual events to see the software in action.

Build confidence. And
wealth. Starting now.

Get privy

We are passionate about creating clear paths to real estate investment success. No gimmicks, no hassle. So we built the software that simply brings you the deals.

Your one-stop market-finding,
deal-making playbook.

Major deals can be happening in your backyard. But if they’re not, we show you exactly where to look (and where to pass). Our data set is more comprehensive and accurate than any other platform. And when it comes to finding deals, the data matters.

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