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Welcome to everything you need to provide everything they need. No strategies to study, no secrets to unlock. Just a steady, data-backed stream of low risk deals that keeps your clients engaged, happy and coming back for more.

Privy Preferred Agent

Be a trusted local investment expert

Get a fast grasp on the ever-changing markets with Privy’s unmatched national data set, sophisticated algorithms, and simplified metrics.

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Find no-brainer deals

Search Investor Activity to find deals you like. Privy finds you live comparable deals within your search. So you’ll always know where the best deals are happening, and how to find more.

Find No Brainer Deals With Privy

Close them effortlessly

Privy makes it easy to set yourself up for ongoing success. Get automatic deal alerts that fit what your clients are looking for. Plus, as a Privy Preferred Agent, new clients will come directly to you.

Your trusted referral program

Once you start using Privy, you’ll be recommended to investors as a Privy Preferred Agent and a trusted local advisor. Then, sit back and let the leads come in.

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All the data you need to make moves

Every major feature across the platform is populated with MLS data— from rentals to flips to pop-tops and more— all consolidated with off-market, county records, and rental data. Search successful Investor Activity and our Live CMA™ algorithm finds you comparable deals, and side-by-side before and after photos help you evaluate opportunities in seconds.

Investor Activity

See more than what’s on the market.
Discover everything that came and went.

Click on any past investment listing and instantly know: property value, how much was invested, construction done, time it took, After Repair Value, profit turned— and more.

Investor Activity delivers you a successful starting point for your clients. And Privy is the only place to find it.

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Performance tools

  • Filters & search
  • Organization
  • Deal alerts

Super specific filters for your searches

  • Start with any market—our live data covers 97% of the country
  • Filter by data source: MLS, third-party, off-market, etc.
  • Look for specific investment types like buy and holds, single-family rentals, or tear downs

Simple organization for fast access when it matter most

  • Upload a list of client information or property data and Live CMA™ instantly finds you comparable properties for each line item
  • Compare multiple properties at once in Split View or Grid View

Saved searches and deal alerts

  • Search investment activities and save all your favorite searches
  • Whenever a new deal occurs that fits, you’ll get notified
  • Get nationwide deals delivered right to your dashboard
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Live CMA™

Comparative Market Analysis

When you find a deal that you like, our patent pending Live CMA™ technology shows you similar deals, active and ready to be closed. Your Live CMA™ updates every 15 minutes, so you can send clients accurate, relevant comps and make analyzing properties easier for everyone.

You’ll pick it up in
no time. We built it that way.

Privy is made to be accessible for all. Our on-demand learning center guides you as you go with tons of tips, tricks, videos and more. Plus we offer live demos, webinars and virtual events to see the software in action.

Build confidence. And
wealth. Starting now.

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We are passionate about creating clear paths to real estate investment success. No gimmicks, no hassle. So we built the software that simply brings you the deals.